Victoria FIZAN fund


  • Finance
  • Retro
  • Art Nuovo
  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Website design
  • Pins design
  • Stamps
  • Bags

Investment fund with bold identity.

Victoria Fizan is a closed financial fund. The aim was to combine an eagle and custom made letter V. The client wanted to build a strong but very decorative mark – we went through lots of different styles – victorian, art deco, art nouvo etc. The final concept needed to accent art nouvo flourishes and have a retro classic feel. We came up with strong mark representing eagle and custom decorative V letter. The whole branding set contained classic stamps, uncoated paper prints on selected decorative paper, gold plated pins, bags, website design and stationery design. It was a very demanding project and demanding client, but the effect of our work was more than satisfactory.

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