Culaccino Prosecco Van


  • Wine
  • Retro
  • Vintage
  • Van
  • Glass
  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Van design
  • Bar design
  • Wine labels
  • Brochure, folders, catalogues

Vintage spumante Piaggio Van

Culaccino is a fresh concept for an original retro Ape Piaggio Van converted into a full self sufficient Prosecco serving station. With lots of love and caring, Marta, the owner, has created this company from scratch. Fine selection of original Prosecco and wines together with fine service and amazing Ape Van is a success guaranteed. I’ve created full branding for Culaccino. Starting from naming – we’ve prepared a very long list of names, words and mind maps. We knew from the beginning that we’ll go for Italian naming. Culaccino is a glass mark left on the table or cloth. Also several concepts of logo have been presented with custom lettering forms. Then business card, brochure&folder, bar design, catalogues, wine stickers and labels to designing the branding of the van itself. I love creating brands from the very beginning. Having impact on the creation, feelings it gives to the audience and then observing how it develops is the best reward a designer can get.

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